Securing products around the world

The FROMM Group designs, develops and produces a wide variety of systems for unitizing and palletizing goods for transport: strapping machines and systems, pallet stretch wrapping machines, the patented Airpad pillow system, together with all necessary consumables.

FROMM Packaging Automation is part of FROMM Group who has over 60 years of providing our customers quality products, services and world class value.

FROMM Packaging Automation’ strengths come from qualified and skilled team able to develop for each customer a unique packaging machine or complete packaging line. The design engineers work with the most advanced 3D technology (SolidWorks) to tailor-fit the correct solution for each Company following any special requirements. Each project is designed to satisfy specific customer’s needs as demostrated in the last 20 years by more then 1400 customised machines working all around the world wherever packaging with PET or Steel strap or protection of the pack surface with film is required.

On demand our local salesman can visit you to understand your requests and suggest the correct packaging solution based on cost-saving, friendly, reliable and safe use. Our technical specialists can make tests in your factory as well as show you similar applications working by our customers. In fact Fromm companies are present in more then 40 countries providing sales and service on the complete range of packaging tools and consumables.

On a successful track

Established in 1947, the Swiss family business generates a turnover in excess of 180 million Euros and employs a workforce of 900 people worldwide. More than 40 subsidiaries in Europe, North and South America, South Africa, Asia and Australia, along with a multitude of specialized sales partners throughout the world ensure – in your vicinity – professional advice, prompt customer service and maintenance. The company pursues a policy of logical vertical integration while upholding traditional values, which are the reasons for decades of success.

Reinhard Fromm“I’d like to thank you cordially. Our colleagues for their loyalty and commitment and especially our business partners and customers who trust us and esteem our company’s traditional values – our continuity, independence, far-sighted planning and principles of quality without compromise. We uphold these values as a family company. Now and in the future. This we promise.”
Sincerely, Reinhard Fromm.