FROMM strapping heads have been designed for automatic heavy duty industrial strapping installations. For use in a wide range of industrial applications our strapping heads can be installed at the top, at the side or in a horizontal plane of a fully automatic strapping machine. Our MH550 head can process polyester up to a width of 19 mm and a thickness of 1 mm and is a Perfect fit for horizontal and vertical stand-alone strapping machines or installation in integrated packaging lines

    Strap qualities
  • Polyester (PET) & Polypropylene (PP)
    Strapping dimensions
  • 8.0 - 19.0 x 0.50 - 1.00 mm
  • 78,5 kg / 173 lbs
Unsurpassed Quality
Advanced Design

Features & Options


– Compact and modular design
– One piece of aluminium cast housing
– Strap tension up to 3500 N (790 lbs) adjustable
– Strap guide open feature
– Well proven separate feeding, tensioning and friction weld sealing systems
– High consistent seal efficiency because of environment temperature monitoring
– Use of state-of-the-art manufacturing, controlling and material technology
– Three side suspension points and plug connections for easy integration
– Long life and maintenance friendly, resulting in high availability


– Dispenser for PET strapping coils
– Sword
– Telescopic arch
– Movable machine
– Top/side/bottom sealing machine
– Head suspension with power floating system
– Edge protection feed systems top and bottom
– Bunk feed system with various magazines
– Vertical and lateral press systems up to 80 KN
– Conveying systems
– Turntable for cross strapping
– Mechanical pack detecting sensor
– Thinner or rubber coated base protection plate
– Strap guide arch systems
– Control system
– Cycle counter inside the head
– Dust cleaning system

Suitable strapping qualitiesPolyester (PET) & Polypropylene (PP)
Strapping dimensionswidth: 8.0 – 19.0 mm / 1/3 – 3/4” thickness: 0.50 – 1.0 mm / 0.016 – 0.040”
Strap tension500 - 3500N / 110 - 790 lbs adjustable
Sealing methodfriction welding
Average seal strengthup to 80% of strap breaking strength (dependent on strap quality)
Tension speed105 mm/s / 0.34 ft/s
DimensionL 500 x W 300 x H 398 mm
Weight78.5 kg / 173 lbs


MH550 Datasheet

Product datasheet

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