Automatic Strapping Machine with Robot option

Features of this machine:

  • Machines for (wood logs, lumber,….)
  • Vertical straps over the product
  • Strapping head above on the product
  • Moving features
  • Head ()
  • Automatic and manual functionality
  • Siemens controls and touch screen
  • Modular with many add on features
  • Uses PET strapping
  • Robot system to provide bunks
  • Fast strapping cycle 
  • Fixed strap path
  • Bunk feeder track under the product


  • Plug and play technology
  • High production capacity
  • Extensive customization and options available
  • Fast and simple roll changes
  • High stability of the packs during transportation
  • No damaging of the packs surface during pressing, forming and strapping

Machine Specifications:

  • Load size on demand
  • Average seal strength %
  • Strap width PET 19 – 32 mm
  • Strap thickness PET 0.60 – 1.3 mm

Machine Options:

  • Different strapping head PET or STEEL
  • Strapping track Fixed or with moving bayonet
  • Strapping head Fixed or floating
  • Compression top / side
  • Protective film layer under strap
  • Corners Top corner applicators
  • Bottom corner applicators
  • Bearer Feeder Magazine or robot
  • Dispensers standard, jumbo or super jumbo
  • Automatic head cleaning
  • Bayonet fixed track or bayonet to strap through the pallet